1. My Heart Beats Faster Every Time I Think About You. I Love You

2. You Make My Life Complete, My Love.  I Love You

3. Together, We Can Conquer Anything. I Love You

4. I Never Knew What Love Was Until I Met You. I Love You

5. The First Time I Saw You, My Heart Whispered That's The One. I Love You

6. You Have A Special Place In My Heart That No One Else Could Ever Fill. I Love You

7. You'Re The Missing Puzzle Piece I Didn'T Know I Was Searching For. I Love You

8. You Make My Heart Skip A Beat And I Wouldn'T Want It Any Other Way. I Love You

9. I'M So Grateful To Have You In My Life, My Love For You Grows Stronger With Each Passing Day.

10. I Love You, Not Only For What You Are But For What I Am When I Am With You. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning